The Devil Catfish

The Devil Catfish

The target of this expedition is the largest freshwater fish in India, the Goonch (Bagarius bagarius). This giant freshwater fish reaches huge proportions, but ironically lives in relatively small mountain rivers. It is also called the Giant Devil Catfish, a name that is apparent at first sight with the scary looking body of a fish that has survived the age of the dinosaurs, and without exhibiting any signs of evolution.

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The shape of the Goonch (Bagarius yarrelli) resembles that of a shark, with a huge mouth full of teeth, and a huge head that reminds you of the Wels catfish. Sports fishermen are attracted to this giant mainly because very little is known about the fish, and even in the 21st century it remains a great mystery.  Only a few sports fishermen in the world have had a chance to make the acquaintance of this mysterious Indian fish.

VIP Fishing Trips offers you a unique opportunity to add this fish to your list of trophies. In the past three years we have focused on discovering  places where large specimens occur and our efforts were rewarded in 2009 with a record catch weighing 75 kgs, which is the largest Goonch ever caught by a sports fishermen. We have just discovered a new location with fish weighing more than 150 kilograms. Expeditions to this very promising site start in 2011. However, to protect the population of this extremely rare fish, more information about the expedition destination will be given only to serious expedition candidates.

Fish: Location: Duration: Availability: Price:
Goonch India 10 days May - June / September - November from 4 900 € / person see all prices

We offer the experience of a lifetime:

Our expedition in search of Goonch takes us to India, where the exact destination is not selected until shortly before arriving, depending mainly on weather conditions and river levels, which is essential for successful Goonch fishing. The Goonch is a real "dinosaur” fish and has a very interesting style of catching prey. It lies motionless on the bottom of the river and resembles a huge stone lying on the river bed. Any fish passing by is targeted, even fish weighing several kilograms. Fishing can take place during the day or at night, as this fish feeds continuously. It is up to the fishermen as to how much time they are willing to dedicate to their fishing. Unlike other tour operators, VIP Fishing Trips offers a unique individual program that adapts to the client’s wishes and ideas. It is therefore no problem to organize night fishing, and we also organise camping at the river to increase the chance of achieving a trophy catch.

The success of the expedition is guaranteed by our professional local guides, who are among the best in India. They dive into deep pools and accurately locate the largest specimens. We have information about the quantity and size of Goonch populations in many parts of India, and we are able to place you in the "hottest spots". In addition one of the most respected European sports fishermen, and an expert on freshwater giants, Jakub Vagner, will be guiding you throughout the whole expedition, to offer his leadership, advice, and experience.

Expedition Price for 2011 (10 days of fishing)

1 Person 6 900 /person
2 - 3 Persons 5 500 /person
4 Persons 4 900 /person


The expedition is conducted so as to allow each participant to have the maximum chance of success. For this reason, each expedition is limited to 4 persons, which allows us to guarantee a personal approach to each of the fishermen. We will only increase numbers at the express wish of the client.

Available expedition times:

May - June / September - November

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