Nile Perch

Nile Perch

As fast as lightning, its leaps from the water are unforgettable. If you would like to catch this giant fish, we offer a VIP service in the last virgin territory of the Nile Perch in Africa. The Nile Perch (Lates niloticus), is the world’s largest freshwater perch and probably the largest freshwater fish in Africa. It can weigh up to 200 kilograms.

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The well known locations for catching Nile Perch (Lates niloticus), Lake Victoria and Lake Nasser, are to a great extent depleted due to excessive commercial and sports fishing activity. However, VIP Fishing Trips new destination, Lake Turkana, currently holds what is probably the largest population of giant Nile Perch in the world. If the world record for Nile Perch is to be broken in the future, it is very likely that it will happen right here.

Fish: Location: Duration: Availability: Price:
Nile Perch Ethiopia 10 days February - April / October - November from 6 900 € / person see all prices

We offer individual programmes to suit the client:

Lake Turkana is one of the world’s largest desert lakes and was connected to the Nile River several million years ago. This has created the rare phenomenon of a lake containing an indigenous Freshwater Monster. In the past the local people used to spear fish weighing up to 200 kgs, and at times during our expeditions, we have hooked fish that, in a flash, ripped off 200 metres of line, or even tore it from the reel, broke our rods, and straightened the hooks.

Our base is located on the lake’s shore at the fishing town of Loiyangalani, from where the boats set off. The target destination is mainly the islands and underwater mountains of Lake Turkana, and with VIP Fishing Trips you will also get to remote parts of the lake, for example, the volcanic crater of Teleki, where you have the greatest chance to meet a huge Nile Perch. The area around Lake Turkana is also known for famous archaeological discoveries, the densest populations of crocodiles in the world, and numerous indigenous tribes, who reside around the lake maintaining their original way of life.

Fishing takes place primarily during morning and afternoon hours. Our main fishing technique is trolling, or you can try your luck at catching Nile Perch from the shore, especially in areas around the islands. In addition to Nile Perch, you can also fish for big tilapia, catfish, and tiger fish. The success of the fishing expedition is guaranteed by Jakub Vagner, one of Europe’s most respected sports fishermen, and an expert on freshwater giants. Thanks to his advice, guidance and experience you will have a great chance to capture this unique African giant.

Expedition Price for 2011 (10 days of fishing)

1 Person 9 900 /person
2 - 3 Persons 7 900 /person
4 Persons 6 900 /person


The expedition is conducted so as to allow each participant to have the maximum chance of success. For this reason, each expedition is limited to 4 persons, which allows us to guarantee a personal approach to each of the fishermen. We will only increase numbers at the express wish of the client.

Lake Turkana is huge, but areas with trophy fish are scarce. We therefore recommend a minimum of 10 days fishing. The Nile Perch expedition includes 10 days of fishing and 2 days of travelling. Our price is for a minimum of ten days, but customised expeditions for longer periods are possible.  Accommodation is provided in Loiyangalani, in the pleasant environment of a Palm Oasis, that combines the original African architecture with European standards. Accommodation includes bathroom facilities, a swimming pool with warm water, and an outdoor bar. The expedition is equipped with comfortable tents and complete camping equipment that is used for short fishing excursions to the islands and other remote parts of the lake. Our excellent cook will take care of all the meals and if requested will prepare any local and international dish. If you are interested, customised menus prior to departure are possible to arrange.

Available expedition times:

February - April / October - November

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